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Therapist Training 2024-2025

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Do you have a longing for passion and aliveness?

Would you like to feel more connected to yourself and your body?

– then this training is for you!

Lyssna på podd med Charlotte Cronquist och Ingrid Frideborgsdotter:

Tid att befria vaginan!

Vill du bli Viva vagina-terapeut? Det är Ingrid Frideborgsdotter som skapat konceptet Viva vagina - och nu ska hon lära ut tekniken till andra kvinnor. En kan säga att det handlar om att befria kvinnokönet från skam, smärta, trauma och öppna för mer njutning i livet.
Ingrid samtalar med kärlekskrigare Charlotte Cronquist i hennes pod Charlottepodden.

Safety Presence Love
Welcome to Viva Vagina!

For a lustful and joyful sex life! - and for your whole life!

Viva Vagina! is a massage and acupressure treatment that can give you as a woman more lust, sexual energy and ignite your life force!

Many women experience tension in their womb and vagina from stress, worry or suppressed emotions or needs of shame, guilt around their own sexuality. This can make the woman feel shut down and have difficulties to enjoy her sexuality fully.

The Viva Vagina! acupressure- treatment has the intention to loosen the tensions and blocks, and set free the energy and life force in the pelvis area and in the entire body. This is so you can access your lust and feel free to live out your sexuality fully.

Pleasure, presence, life force

This is included in Viva Vagina! Therapy

The therapy process includes several healing methods, which are carefully selected to support the process of awakening and healing the sexual power, flow and energy in women.


Breathing and soft movements in presence and with focus.

The woman's deer exercise

Squeeze, breathe, and chest massage to awaken the energy flow.

Taoist Energy Massage

A full body massage for body and soul that has been practiced in China for millennia

Yoni egg training

Training for the sensitivity of the vagina with squeezing exercises and yoni eggs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Points; Ren Mai, Ye Shu point, San Yin Jiao.

Goddess Circle

Sisterhood in Safety, Presence and Love with sharings and exercises.

One step at a time

How does a Viva Vagina! treatment proceed?

What happens during a Viva Vagina! treatment?

You first get a massage on your back to arrive and relax. Then I will massage the stomach and the inside of the thighs. Then you get massage and acupressure (pressure on points) around the pelvis and vaginal area. You can stop the treatment at any time if it doesn't fee good to you.

How does it feel?

To get a massage and acupressure in the vagina can give very different sensations. You can laugh or cry, get excited or angry, feel the energy vibrating throughout your body or a deep stillness. Everything that happens is exactly as it should be, your feelings help dissolve the tensions, I am with you all the time.

How does one feel afterwards?

Safe, calm, spacious, lustful, angry, sad... Liberated!

How long does a treatment take?

One and a half hours (1.5 h).

How much does a treatment cost?

A first introduction meeting and a short treatment takes 40 minutes: SEK 800.

A normal 1.5h treatment: SEK 1,800 (1h: SEK 1,200).

What others have said about Viva Vagina! treatments....

"I am so incredibly grateful for the help and support you gave me three years ago, your circles and talks and treatments.. You have given me vitality and opened up my power center. You are the best and I will be forever grateful."

Eva, 54 år

"Thanks for a wonderful treatment received lovely energy and light. My husband felt it as soon as I got home."


"Just wanted to send a big thank you... Life is wonderful and my vagina is rippling, burning and bubbling!"


Meet your therapist

Meet Ingrid Isis Frideborgsdotter

My name is Ingrid Isis Frideborgsdotter, and I give acupressure, and I'm a sexsibility coach and qigong teacher. My goal is to help women dissolve tension so that they can feel more joy in life and desire. Safety, presence and love are the words that are most important to me.

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