Safe, calm, liberated.

Viva Vagina! Treatments

What happens during a treatment?

You first get a massage on your back to arrive and relax. Then I will massage the stomach and the inside of the thighs. Then you get massage and acupressure (pressure on points) around the pelvis and vaginal area. You can stop the treatment at any time if it doesn't feel good to you.

How does it feel?

To get a massage and acupressure in the vagina can give very different sensations. You can laugh or cry, get excited or angry, feel the energy vibrating throughout your body or a deep stillness. Everything that happens is exactly as it should be, your feelings help dissolve the tensions, I am with you all the time.

How does one feel afterwards?

Safe, calm, spacious, lustful, angry, sad... Liberated!

How long does a treatment take?

One and a half hours (1.5 h).

Investment in yourself

SEK 1,800

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